Hans Christian Bacares
Director of Software and Web Development
Office: (561) 571-9190 // Fax: (561) 705-0141

A native of Colombia, Hans has enjoyed a diverse set of experiences from owning businesses to doing consulting work. As a result, his background makes him ideal to communicate effectively within the business world and also rapid-fire tech-speak when it becomes necessary.

Hans fell in love with Florida when he visited it for the first time at the age of 15. He remembers looking over the beautiful beaches and experiencing the wonderful atmosphere, "I want to live here," he said to himself. A few years later he had relocated and has since enjoyed the slow process of losing all his cold weather coats and boots, replacing them with sandals and whimsical t-shirts.

Hans joined the Real Estate Companies in 2017 with a vision to create a beautiful and effective online presence for all our brokerages and affiliates. We have to say he mostly succeeded or he might feel bad, given that this website was created by him.

When he's not at the office or at the beach, Hans enjoys his main pastime: Try to take over the world. Although he is often thwarted by his less clever counterpart, a scrawny mouse that shall not be named.